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The elegant access solution for secured areas

Discerning architecture with high security requirements poses a huge challenge – especially for access controls. We have developed the mWing pedestrian passageway for these applications. Thanks to its extra slimline silhouette, it not only fits seamlessly into your environment but also delivers a decisive level of additional security due to its high doors, mechanical locking and comprehensive monitoring of the access area. 

The mWing is also perfectly equipped to meet the requirements of the user. Extremely short opening times – which are speeded up further by the preset travel function – and the possibility of open-gate operation make the tiresome exercise of compulsory access controls a minor detail that is completed in passing. This alone means that the mWing increases user acceptance and thus also significantly improves security in the building.

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The access control solution for your application

How many people enter your building every day? Do you need to monitor access to the building or not? Should the solution only allow access to pedestrians or do you also want to systematically control suppliers and wheelchair users? The mWing pedestrian passageway is available with narrow and wide lanes, low and high barrier elements and as a single or multiple unit installation. The mWing can thus be precisely adapted to your on-site requirements: the number of people, types of visitors and desired level of security. Why not try it out!

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Designed for 10,000,000 opening and closing cycles

In our new model series, we are doing lots of things differently compared to earlier products – although our decades of experience in the development of drive and control technology remains at the heart of every FlowMotion® barrier system. This not only ensures that people can pass through comfortably but also delivers maximum security and particularly low operating costs. In particular, it has also been responsible for the unique robustness and durability of the Magnetic brand for many decades. 

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