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Breathtaking design, unique illumination, comprehensive functions


There has been a long period of evolution in the development of barrier systems: wireless reading devices were added, biometric processes introduced and user data managed digitally. However, barrier systems ultimately remain housings made of steel plate that allow access to authorised users.

We are now switching our attention to revolution with the FlowMotion® series and completely redefining security in buildings. We no longer view access control systems as simply artificial security mechanisms but rather as integral components of buildings. They are no longer barriers to the outside world but access points to the inside of the building that offer a friendly welcome to those people entering it. Therefore, we are not just increasing acceptance for these systems amongst users but also making an important contribution to providing more security in buildings by rigorously and systematically checking all people passing through them.

How are we doing this?
Step inside and read further!

A fascinating look …

The hallmarks of our FlowMotion® pedestrian barriers are the extremely slimline silhouette, soft contours and flowing lines. The slimline design fits harmoniously into every installation location – whether highly frequented access points to leisure facilities and sports centres or the discerning architectural worlds developed by companies, public authorities and cultural institutions.

The lighting elements on the base and the edges of the frame (both optional) not only underline the elegant lines but above all ensure intuitive user interaction and reliable orientation in entrance areas.

… outstanding inner values …

Our decades of experience in the development of drive and control technology are at the heart of the FlowMotion® pedestrian barriers. The MGC control unit offers direct access to all functions, parameters and information – even without a notebook and adapter cable thanks to the integrated display and control buttons.

The MHTM™ drive unit – which has been tried-and-tested more than 100,000 times – ensures particularly comfortable throughput thanks to its sensitive sensors. It is not only maintenance-free, energy efficient and quiet but has also been designed to achieve an extremely long service life encompassing 10,000,000 opening and closing cycles.

Incidentally: The introduction of the FlowMotion model series means that the same drive and control technologies are now being used for vehicle barriers and pedestrian barriers. This not only simplifies the work carried out by sales partners, commissioning companies and system operators but you also benefit as a customer from components that have been tried and tested over many years.

mWing schmal und breit

… and unique options.

Who knows best what you require for the successful use of your FlowMotion® barriers? You do of course! Therefore, we offer numerous options that allow you to perfectly adapt the innovative access systems to your application.

One example is the lighting: The lighting on the base underlines the delicate design and makes orientation easier, while the lighting elements also provide users with feedback about the throughput process and the validity of their access rights. Lights indicating the direction of passage mean that users understand the direction in which they need to go at first glance.

Magnetic also has a lot to offer in terms of building integration: The barriers can be easily integrated into the building control system and building system technology thanks to the Ethernet interface, numerous connections and wide range of functions. In contrast, the base frames are physically integrated into the building: By installing them onto the unfinished floor, it makes the installation process and laying the cables much easier.

Not a one size fits all solution.
But rather a solution that precisely meets your wishes.

Seamless integration into discerning architecture – we designed FlowMotion® with this goal in mind. This means not only focussing on the design but also the colour of the housing. Therefore, we offer all of the products in our FlowMotion® family in a series of different colour tones and effect coatings.

What colour is right for you?


This is what mDure offers:

  • Extraordinary freedom of design
  • High resistance to knocks, scratches and abrasion
  • Thermal and electrical insulation
  • Resistance to disinfection and cleaning agents
  • Insensitive to UV radiation and corrosion
  • Free of solvents, softening agents and toxic substances

The substance from which innovations are made.

An extremely slimline silhouette, flowing lines and a warm, non-slip feel when touched – this is all possible because we have dispensed with steel plates and now use a new material: mDure.

mDure is a 2-component material and belongs to the group of polyurethanes. mDure provides us with a versatile and mechanically and chemically resistant material that is far superior in many areas to the previously used standard material. It is highly resistant to knocks, scratches and abrasion, as well as to corrosion, UV radiation and corrosive and cleaning agents. Furthermore, mDure is free of toxic substances and can thus be recycled, disposed of with the household rubbish or burned – without damaging the environment.

Incidentally: We are taking new paths but not experimenting. Comparable high-performance materials from the group of polyurethanes are used for housings in medical and laboratory technology, dashboards in vehicles and the cladding on high-speed trains. Could there be any better references for mDure?

A series of security solutions. Multiple units installed to meet your specific requirements.

High visitor numbers, extra wide access points, escape routes in dangerous situations – multiple different barriers are required in many cases to fulfil all requirements. Multiple units are particularly easy to install in a space-saving manner thanks to the slimline shape and uniform design of FlowMotion.

In order to quickly and reliably control large numbers of visitors, multiple barriers can be arranged next to each other. Access points for suppliers and wheelchair users require larger passageway widths. The wide versions of the mWing, mSlide and mFlap enable passageway widths of up to 960 mm.

Special rules and technical specifications apply to escape routes. They need to be clearly identifiable and easy to open, while they also have to comply with a specified passageway width. Our specialist for escape routes is the mSwing swing door: It enables a passageway width of up to 2400 mm as a double installation.